Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the 4 setup steps before I can use Akademia?

Yes, you must complete the setup process before you can start using Akademia to manage your studies. Any information added during set-up may be changed later.

How do I create my timetable?

First, you need to create your day structure. This involves creating slots for each class, including start and finish times, and applying your day structure to the relevant days of the week. One your day structure is complete, you can then populate each slot with a lesson (subject), study period or other event. Please see the help menu for more details about creating your timetable.

Can I add lunch and breaks to my timetable?

Yes, you can if you wish. You can add then as ‘custom’ subjects. Alternatively, you can leave blank spaces in your timetable where breaks occur.

Can timeslots overlap?

No, timeslots cannot overlap.

I have a week A and week B alternating timetable system, can Akademia manage this?

Yes, Akademia can manage an alternating timetable system. You will need to create two timetables, populate them and then specify which timetable your term starts on.

Can I specify my reminder times?

Yes, you can specify the separate times of day akademia will remind you about items due today and items due in the future. You can access these settings by clicking on 'More' then 'Default Notification Times'.

How do I move between dates on my timetable?

You can select a date to view by using the date picker at the top left hand side of screen. Alternatively, you can swipe your finger from right to left to move to the next day or left to right to move to the day before. A two-finger swipe moves one week at a time.

How do I review a lesson?

Tap on the lesson you want to review and the lesson review screen will appear. Here you can record the lesson title, notes and add homework/assignments.

Why do I need to enter my name and add a picture?

This is just to personalise your ‘splash screen’ – we don’t collect any personal data from your app.

One of my lessons was changed at the last minute – do I have to change my Timetable?

No, you can add individual one-off lessons or study periods which write over what’s set in the timetable. Tap the + button in the Timetable screen – you can also add exams, other ‘custom’ appointments and Tasks (these are reminders which appear in your To Do list).

My timetable will change at a future date – how do I do this in Akademia?

You can only have one currently selected timetable in Akademia (or a pair if you have an A-B week alternating timetable). If you know your timetable will be changing, you can create the new create the new timetable so it’s ready to go, and then change the selected timetable on the actual day the new timetable begins.

What happens if I edit or change my currently selected timetable?

If you edit the currently selected timetable or if you change the currently selected timetable to a different one, you will be asked whether you wish to apply the changes from today or tomorrow. If ou change from today you will lose any lesson reviews created today. All lessons and reviews in the past will remain as they were – the timetable will only show the changes in the future from today or tomorrow according to your choice.

How can I view my lesson reviews?

Apart from the Timetable tab, you can see all your lesson reviews for any Subject from the Subjects tab – tap a Subject then tap “View my lesson reviews”.

What happens if I edit or delete a Subject?

If you edit a Subject name, the change will be shown in the timetable for both past and future lessons – any created lesson reviews will still be shown in the Subjects tab. If you delete a Subject name, that Subject will remain in any timetables already created but will not be available for any new timetable. Also, a deleted Subject will disappear from the list in the Subjects tab so you will not be able to see that Subject’s lesson reviews except by checking back in the timetable.

How does Social Networking work in Akademia?

If appropriate, you can record and email address and twitter address for a teacher. Tap Contact Teacher in an Assignment (or tap the Teacher name in a Lesson Review) to see the Teacher details and you can tap to email, or tap to tweet – the Tweet will show @teachername so they’ll see the Tweet, and you’ll be able to ask questions to all your followers!

When you’ve finished a homework assignment, you’ll have the option to post on Facebook that you’ve completed that particular assignment.

I’ve completed an Assignment (or Task) in error – how do I restart it?

You can view completed Assignments and Tasks using the filter button (top left of the To Do tab). Once you see them in the list, if you tap on the right to begin the button cycle again.

How do I delete a teacher?

In the Subject detail screen (add/edit subject), once a teacher is in the list, you can swipe from left to right on the teacher row to reveal the delete button. This can also be done in the Teachers list screen, but note that this will also delete the teacher from any Subjects to which they have been added, even if they are the only Teacher assigned.