Using Akademia Pro - To Do Tab

The ‘To-Do List’ contains all your assignments and tasks. The default view is to show just assignments and tasks which are outstanding (have not been completed), in date order starting earliest first.

Tap on any assignment or task to view its details. You can also edit the details of any assignment or task.

Assignments have a ‘Start’ button. Tap this when you start the assignment and it becomes a ‘Finish’ button. Tap when you finish and it becomes a ‘Submit’ button. Tapping submit completes the assignment and removes it from the list. This way it is easy to see which assignments still need to be started, which are in progress but not yet finished and which are done but must still be handed in.

Tasks have a done button, which when tapped removes it from the list.

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Add a New Assignment or Task

Tap the + button (right hand side of To-Do) to add a new assignment or task.

Adding a Homework Assignment

Select a subject/lesson from the list

Add a Name/Title and notes for the assignment.

Set the deadline (due-in date).

Set the reminder alert (Akademia will remind you in advance of the due in date if you want).

Tap ‘Save’ to finish and return to the Lesson Review screen.

As the assignment progresses, use the ‘start’ button to change the status.

If you require assistance with the assignment, tap ‘Contact Teacher’ and select your preferred choice (Email or Twitter).

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Add a Task

A Task does not appear in your timetable, but is a reminder and will appear in your to-do list.

Select a subject (if relevant).

Add a title and notes for the Task.

Set the deadline (due date).

Set the reminder period (Akademia will remind you in advance of the due date if you want).

Set the Repeat Reminder frequency (if relevant).

Tap ‘Save’

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Filtering the To-Do List

Tap the filter button (left hand side of ‘To-Do List’) to filter what you see in the ‘To-Do List’. You may filter on any combination of:

Subject (lesson) – choose one particular, or all.

Type – show just Assignments, just Tasks, or all.

Status - show those not started, started but not finished, finished but not handed in, or all.

Completed – decide whether to include completed Assignments / Tasks in the list.

Once the filters are set as you wish, tap ‘Apply’ and the To-Do list will just show those items.

Return to the Filters screen and tap ‘Clear Filter’s to return to the default view

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