Setting Up Akademia Pro

Firstly, enter the code given to you by your school into the box circled below and tap ”Set-Up”:

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Akademia will take a few moments to download your school’s data from the server. Enter your name and School Year. Your School name should already be filled in. Next, select a theme for your Akademia Planner. Don’t worry you can change this at a later time. To add a picture for the front cover of your planner, tap the silhouette and pick a picture from your library or take a picture using the camera. Once your profile is complete, tap “Next Step”.

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The day structure for the first school day of the week appears next. Tap on the first period and a list of available subjects will appear on the left hand side. Tap on the subject you are teaching during the period:

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A list of classes will appear. Tap on the class you wish to add to the first period and then assign the class a colour. Complete the process for all periods, breaks and lunch in the day. You can leave periods blank if you do not teach a class. Once this is done, swipe from right to left on the timetable and complete the process for the next day and all remaining days. Once you have completed all days in the week, tap “completed”.

N.B. Akademia will know if your school adopts a two week timetable system and you will be asked to complete this process for week 2.

Akademia Teacher Edition is now set up and ready for use.