Using Akademia Pro - Settings Tab

About Me

The about me section contains your personal information including Name, Year, School Name and picture. Tap on any of the text fields to change them or tap the profile picture to select an alternative.

My Theme

There are six different themes available to choose from; metal, leaf, fluffy pink, wood, denim and leather. To change your theme, tap on the one you want to select. A tick will appear on theme currently selected.

Notification Times

These are the times your reminders will pop up.

As well as the to-do lists, Akademia can show pop-up alerts on your device reminding you of Tasks and Assignments which are due today and those which have advance reminders failing today.

Akademia can send these reminders twice a day.

The first reminder is for Tasks and Assignments due today and for advance reminders failing today. Set this to a time that means you are reminded reminded before you leave home in the morning. Tap the time to change this time if you wish.

The second reminder is just for advance reminders failing today. The default time for this is 4pm so you are reminded when you get home, however you may tap to change this time if you wish

If you don’t want reminders, the function can be turned off!

Social Media Interactions

Akademia incorporates some social media interaction such as posting to Facebook once assignments are complete. If you do not want to be asked about this, turn the interactions off.

About Akademia

Here you will basic information relating to Akademia.

Contact Us

This will launch your email client and create an email address to our support address.

Online Help

This will open up the designated help area of our website where you will find various walkthrough guides that are designed to help you get the most from Akademia.

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